Missing the target is no longer an option.
The stand-out innovative feature of the X-Bolt SF is the Super Feather Trigger system that gives this rifle a firing quality that feels unbeatable. It also has a new lock-release but ton that lets the user open the bolt and unload with the safety on. The new design imparts better balance and highly functional operation in a more compact rifle, while the floating barrel provides the vital finishing touch needed for flawless accuracy.
The X-Bolt SF was built on the foundations of the success of previous Browning rifles, carrying numerous innovations that will without doubt make it one of the best rifles on the market.

Bolt-unlocking button

The bolt-unlocking button works in conjunction with the safety to provide an added degree of safety.

X-Lock™ mounting system

The X-Lock scope-mounting system has 4 screws per fixing point. Therefore it is more stable and provides higher accuracy.

3X more efficient competition in trigger sensitiveness

Typical curve trigger shoe movement – load on trigger shoe.